Impossible Seven

Impossible SevenAttention!

Think you are lucky enough to turn all the cards? Then test your luck with this quick and fun game of chance!

Impossible Seven is a card game unlike any other. What makes this game so different is the fact that it requires no skill whatsoever. It is entirely based on luck, hence the name.

The main idea behind Impossible Seven is to turn over all of the cards. Sounds easy, right? Wrong!!! Due to the strict rules, picking up all cards turns out to be quite a difficult task. Starting from the first card you pick up, it must be in the right place of the correct sequence in order to win. Just to make it easier for you guys, we included three different game options, each with their own set of rules:

  • Classic (for those of you feeling lucky)
  • Go-to-Position (more winnable than Classic, but you still might want to hold on to your horseshoe)
  • Find-the-Seven (for those down on their luck)

So now there is one thing left to ask…. Are YOU feeling lucky?

Current version number: 1.4

iPhone/iPod Touch version


iPad Version


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